Network Assessments in Less than 30 Minutes - For FREE

Give Great Lakes Computer 30 minutes to run our agentless assessment of your network security and performance, and gain peace of mind that your network is safe, secure, and optimized.

Great Lakes now offers a free network vulnerability scan.  We will:

  • Run a full network assessment with no agents and no installs.
  • Produce comprehensive reports on security and performance.
  • Do it all in less than 30 minutes!

Is your provider doing what you pay them to do?

Our scan includes:

  • Vulnerabilities & Security assessment  - what users have access to what systems, and what systems are configured with what permissions
  • Network Assessment - Network Assets, settings and configurations
  • Exchange Assessment - A comprehensive scan of the entire MS Exchange or Office 365 platform

All the things that ensure your systems are running at peak performance.  You will also gain peace of mind that your IT Service and Network Service providers are doing what you are paying them to do.


We are offering this for free for a limited time, with no obligations.  We are simply asking for 30 minutes of your time to run the scan and offer suggestions on how we can help.

Call us today at 877-578-5285 or Schedule your Assessment today!

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